MARTI, Ianuarie 8, 2011 14:03


     The first step in making a building is the design, which is why specialization and training of professionals in this field, as well as corporate experience are essential. Perfect design is an ideal combination of image and ease of use. When designing a project, the result must be aesthetic, but also perfectly appropriate for the purposes for which it will be used. 

     We invite you to discover some projects made by our company Profesional Construct


    Our company can offer complete technical consultancy services in all phases of a project:
- The evaluation of current status of targets of interest ("due diligence report")
- Technical solutions and comparative analysis for choosing the optimal solution
- Specialized technical assistance during execution works
- Technical Expert Reports on the level of insurance level to seismic action and operating loads


    One of the directions of development of our company has been developing a specialized department to carry out detailed / execution drawings starting from the technical project for steel and concrete structures: reinforcement plans, workshop drawings – single part and main part drawings, assembly plans, lists of materials and fasteners.

S&P FRP strengthening systems

    Profesional Construct is the exclusive distributor in Roumania for the strengthening systems with Fibre Reinforced Polymers S&P - Clever Reinforcement Company, Switzerland