MARTI, Ianuarie 8, 2011 14:03

Carbon and glass special strengthening systems - S&P

Our company is the exclusiv supplier of S&P carbon and glass reinforcement systems in Romania. These systems use carbon lamellas, carbon and glass wraps for increasing the capacity of structural elements under different loads and stresses. The reinforcing systems are applied to the elements using different epoxy resins for each case.    

Precast beam strengthening- "Eurocooling" Bucharest

Precast beam strengthening using the carbon lamellas system.


Structural wall strengthening ACMS- Bucharest

Increase of shear capacity using fiber glass wrapping.


Skylight strengthening BNR- Bucharest

Skylight strengthening using fibre glass and epoxy resin systems for the National Bank.


Concrete slab strengthening -Winmarkt- Ploiesti, Romania

Increase of bending capacity for reinforced concrete slabs using S&P Carbon lamellas.